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Linkhorn Plumbing & Heating Ltd  Waterlooville, Hampshire   

 Tel: 02392 596668   Mob: 07751 989491

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We will be pleased to advise you which type of condensing
boiler is most suitable for your home.


Condensing boilers capture much more usable heat from their fuel than non-condensing boilers. Their high operating efficiency stems from the condensing boiler's larger, sometimes dual, heat exchanger.

This heat exchanger allows much more heat to be transferred from the boiler's burner while, at the same time, ensuring that as little as possible is lost in gases vented through the flue.

The two types of condensing boiler are known as regular and combination.

Most old-style non-condensing boilers convert only around 60% of their fuel into heat, whereas the efficiency of a modern A-rated condensing boiler is at least 90%.

It should be bourne in mind that not every home heating system will be compatible with a combination boiler.  Our expert engineers will be glad to advise you about which type of condensing boiler, regular or combination, is appropriate for your home.

Condensing boilers

High efficiency boilers in Waterlooville

Condensing boilers are now routinely fitted as part of most new as well as most old heating systems. The over-riding reason for fitting them instead of the older, non-condensing boilers is their improved efficiency. Because they waste far less energy, they cost less to run.

What’s so good about condensing boilers?

In summary, condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers on the market!

Most importantly, an A-rated condensing boiler will use around a third less fuel than its older counterpart to provide the same amount of heat.  This also offers a potential cut in your heating bill and CO2 emissions of a third.

Often overlooked until it’s too late . . . but getting your boiler and other gas appliances serviced regularly is essential.  The best time is often in the Autumn to ensure everything is ready for the colder months and to avoid potential breakdowns at the worst possible times!

Boiler repair & servicing

Gas boilers and gas appliances should be serviced annually by a Gas Safe registered gas engineer.

We are Gas Safe (previously Corgi) registered, reputable & reliable, so you know you are in safe hands with us.

A regular annual service is a cost effective way to keep your central heating working efficiently & safely and will ensure you keep warm all year round.

Boilers installation & service in Waterlooville

Regular condensing boilers will heat your hot water through a hot water cylinder whereas a combination condensing boiler provides instant hot water without the need for a cylinder.